Network Infrastructure

Snowbell Technolagies

Our certified design engineers create a thorough network infrastructure LAN/WAN design and capacity plan based on our customers' unique requirements. The design typically includes a complete bill of material, specifications, physical network/cable/wireless coverage maps, and instructions regarding any special installation needs at each of your sites. We also develop a budget estimate to accompany each design.

Here's why you should choose us for your Network Installation Projects

Quality Installations

Save money now and in the future. We use only tested and approved materials and procedures for all installations to prevent down time, costly repairs and replacements. Further, we shop our vendors for the best equipment and material at the best prices

We are Flexible

We are available to install your system after hours and our service technicians are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. If a problem arises, you can depend on quick and efficient service.

We stock it for you

We strive to stock any materials required to expand and repair. Also components that could fail when you least expect it such as repeaters and transceivers.

Special Needs

We also stock many unusual or hard to find connectors, cables and components. A specialty of ours is the custom manufacture of patch cables with almost any type of connectors even if you do not have the pin out.

Network Cable Design

We are available for system design and layout so you can properly plan for growth and change which can save you money in the future. We can design a data transmission system so flexible it will support almost any change without re-cabling

We take pride in our work

The quality of our work and reputation is very important to us. This means higher quality of installation with fewer problems

Network Security

Snowbell Technolagies
    • Security Architecture Review
    • Social Engineering Testing
    • Social Networking Assessments
    • Presentations
    • Web Applications
    • Network – Internal and External
    • Mobile Applications and Devices
    • Wireless
    • Audits, Assessments and Incident Response
    • Threat Mitigation
    • Assess your Business and Technology needs
    • Design a solution that matches your budget
    • Integrate the solution in your environment and system
    • Support the solution with a suit of managerial services


Security Architecture Review

A security architecture review is an analysis of an organization's technical infrastructure, specifically focusing on the framework of security controls that protect systems, networks, and information, from unauthorized access, compromise, or manipulation. Our staff reviews documentation and conducts interviews focusing on the design and the reasons for various design decisions. Topics generally include: identification and authentication, authorization/access control, password management, security event logging, intrusion detection and reporting, firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, operating system maintenance, application configurations, emergency response, data backup and archiving, contingency planning, operations procedures and change control. 
Secure Ideas then evaluates this information holistically to understand the effectiveness of the controls, identifying vulnerabilities, compensating controls, and providing recommendations to improve the overall security posture of the organization.

Social Engineering Testing

For many organizations, most of their employees do not need to understand the details of how the technology they use everyday actually works, all they need to know is how to use it to get their jobs done. Nor do they understand why their technology is so constrained with all the security "rules" that are required to use the technology. It is this lack of technical and security knowledge that makes them prime targets for a pervasive type of attack known as social engineering. Secure Ideas can test the knowledge and readiness of your entire staff through social engineering assessments performed either virtually (phone, email) and/or physically (onsite). 
Similar to attacks on an organization's computing or network environment, social engineering attacks focus on weaknesses found in human behavior, weak processes and procedures, and a lack of awareness or understanding of good security principles. Understanding these weaknesses aids an organization in addressing the gaps by improving their user awareness program, security trainings, policies, processes, and procedures. In order to minimize the ability or effectiveness of a social engineering attack.

Social Networking Assessments

Social networking, such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, is a large part of how people and organizations interact with each other in today's world. Secure Ideas has been a leader in assessing how an organization makes use of social networks and the risks that social media poses. A Social Networking Assessment will identify the risks with the use of social networks, whether for marketing the company services, or allowing casual access by employees, and provide recommendations on methods, processes, and techniques to help minimize the risks. We can assist with the development of usage policies for your staff as well as with ways to securely implement their usage within your network.


Secure Ideas speaks around the country on a variety of topics related to security. Our staff is available for speaking engagements and briefings. Where a presentation is based on a specific topic, a briefing is more personalized to a client's specific needs and interests. Contact us on how we can help educate your technical staff and management on improving your organization's security posture.


Web Applications

Secure Ideas is well known for its web application penetration testing. Our staff assesses and tests an organization's web applications to evaluate the risks these applications pose to their Internet facing and internal web sites, and more importantly, to the sensitive information these applications manage. A comprehensive penetration test goes beyond running an automated scanning tool or identifying "potential" vulnerabilities. Secure Ideas recognizes this and is why we use an industry methodology that utilizes manual testing methods along with testing tools to determine the impact vulnerabilities have if exploited. Discovering and exploiting vulnerabilities is beneficial, however, Secure Ideas provides additional value in evaluating the web application within the context of the business, providing a complete understanding of the risk and potential threats to the organization.

Network – Internal and External

Network penetration tests allow an organization to evaluate the effectiveness of their controls in protecting their internal and external (Internet facing) network infrastructure from attacks. An organization's network infrastructure will typically grow in size as well as in complexity, as new features, services, and business requirements are implemented. As a network grows in size and complexity, the opportunity for vulnerabilities also increases, resulting in an increasing attack surface that attackers can leverage to get a foothold into an organization's network environment. Secure Ideas has many years of experience with assessing networks, as well as building open-source tools that aid and assist in performing penetration tests. As with web application penetration testing, Secure Ideas uses an industry proven testing methodology that consists of both manual and automated techniques. Beyond performing a simple network scan, a network penetration test validates vulnerabilities through exploitation, and more importantly, identifies the real impacts to the organization if exploitation occurs. Aligning these results with the understanding of the business functions that the network services provide results in a more comprehensive understanding of the risks and threats the vulnerabilities expose the organization to.

Mobile Applications and Devices

Due to the convenience of mobile devices and the speed of business in today's world, mobile devices are being implemented throughout organizations, industries, and the government with very little understanding of how they impact the security or what risks are exposed. Secure Ideas provides mobile assessments that include mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, etc), mobile applications, and the infrastructure that supports the mobile environment. We believe it is critical for management and technicians to understand how these platforms operate and integrate with existing IT infrastructure, and how the vulnerabilities within the mobile environment pose a risk to internal networks, systems, and more importantly, sensitive information.


Wireless networks have provided organizations with the flexibility in scaling their network without the increased expense of implementing a larger cabling infrastructure, as well as providing the ability to reach areas of their physical environment that were difficult or expensive to do with a wired connectivity. Wireless networks have also provided a means of mobilizing their workforce, and providing Internet access services to visitors without putting their internal network at risk. Unfortunately, many wireless networks are not architected or configured properly and result in exposing an organization's internal network more than ever before. Secure Ideas has years of experience with assessing wireless networks, identifying miss-configured wireless routers, "rogue" access points, and weak encryption or authentication mechanisms. Wireless networks potentially provide attackers with the ability to remotely access internal networks, without the risk of physical presence within a facility, thus it is critical that organizations understand the vulnerabilities of their wireless infrastructure, the impact to the organization if the vulnerabilities are exploited, and what measures or controls can be implemented, or properly configured, to minimize the risks.


Many penetration tests focus only on the "digital world", however, the digital environment for many organizations is located in a physical datacenter. The controls that control physical access to these systems are just as critical as the technical controls. Secure Ideas provides physical penetration testing that focuses on the physical controls that attackers attempt to exploit in order to gain access to an organization's internal network, servers, or workstations. This type of testing assesses physical access control systems, locking mechanisms, infiltration methods, and aided entrance techniques using social engineering. If an attacker is able to obtain physical access to an internal network or system, the ability to bypass most, if not all technical controls, is assured.


Audits, Assessments and Incident Response

Our engineers have spent over a dozen years providing audits and assessments for organizations of all sizes. Our experienced engineers can assist in pointing out design flaws and vulnerabilities in your network and systems, while leveraging and redesigning your current infrastructure to ensure a sound security landscape.

    Audits, Assessments and Incident Response
  • Network Audit/Security Architecture Review will assist your organization in grasping the current state of your security posture. Recommendations are provided to assist in improving your security goals.
  • Vulnerability Assessments are a necessary step in any security program. Systems must be assessed from an external and internal perspective on an on-going basis to ensure that only the necessary services are being permitted and that appropriate steps are being taken to confirm that these services are not vulnerable to exploits.
  • Penetration Tests take a vulnerability assessment to the next level. With granted permission, a penetration test will go beyond traditional vulnerability testing to confirm exploitation.
  • Incident Response is necessary in any organization. Our team can be your first call when an incident occurs.

Threat Mitigation

We specialize in deploying network and security technologies that are the best fit for customer environments. Give us a call and tell us about the problems you are having with your current environment, or the future projects that you plan on tackling and let us give you some options based on your needs and the experience we possess. We have good relationships with multiple vendors per product line, and are able to offer the best solution for your environment from open source solutions to the commercial technology leaders in industry.

    We currently specialize in implementing the following technologies:
    • Traditional/Next-Generation Firewalls
    • Malware Prevention
    • Intrusion Prevention
    • Encryption
    • Wireless
    • Web Application Firewalls
    • Content Filtering
    • Network Access Control
    • Configuration Management
    • SSL VPN
    • Anti-Spam
    • Vulnerability Management
    • Application Acceleration
    • Anti-Virus
    • Network TAPs
    • Security Information Event Management
    • Two-Factor Authentication
    • Load Balancing
    • WAN Optimization
    • IP Address Management

Security System

Snowbell Technolagies

Whether you require a single camera or a more complex security solution, the Snowbell Technologies has the experience in designing and installing effective CCTV monitoring systems to make us the company of choice among our peers.

    Benefits to dealing with Snowbell Technologies include
  • Customized solutions for our customers
  • Quality products at competitive prices
  • Extended product warranties
  • Professional support
  • Free consultations
  • Satisfaction guarantee
    Why You Need CCTV Monitoring!
    • Home Security
    • Personal Safety
    • Asset Protection
    • Nanny Cameras
    • Hidden Cameras
    • Baby Sitter Cameras
    • Exterior Monitoring
    • Interior Monitoring
    • Small Business
    • Point of Sale Recording
    • Inventory Monitoring
    • Employee Safety
    • Employee Integrity
    • Customer Safety
    • Deter Customer Theft
    • Corporation
    • Parking Lot Security
    • Garage Surveillance
    • Asset protection
    • Monitoring of Highly Secure Areas
    • Inventory Control
    • Employee Integrity
    • Entry/Exit Points

Home/Office Automation

Snowbell Technolagies

In our home segment we offer our clients primarily intruder alarms, audio & video door phones, electronic barriers, perimeter fencing, and gaurd monitoring systems. You may also check out our surveillance systems range which is increasingly used to secure homes. In the commercial segment we offer electronic article security, metal detectors and baggage scanners. you may also check out access control, time attendance & surveillance systems products. These our used widely in offices & commercial establishments accross our country.

Security Systems & Access Control

Have your business call you if there is an alert status. You can save money on security monitoring services or even monitor for non-traditional security events like water in the basement. Additionally, Smarthome products include devices which will allow you to unlock the office door to let employees in.


Business automation can be accomplished using various types of connectivity. What's great is that many of today's business automation products need no new wires - so they are perfect to retrofit into an existing business. If you are building new, or doing a major remodel, please consider adding networking, audio, video and control wiring while it is easy and relatively inexpensive, later on you'll be happy you did.

Intercom & IP Phone

Snowbell Technolagies

IP Phone Warehouse features a full array of intercom and paging hardware including everything from single zone to multi-zone and multi-site paging amplifiers, horns, lights, and processors. We feature intercom systems, VoIP paging systems, and the analog paging intercom systems we sell can be used with VoIP systems using ATA (Analog Telephone Adapters).

There is also another system available since many years, the best one, combining paging and intercom. Here the talback system is limited to only one phone. The paging is done in one way mode through a group of phones, and the person being paged can respond pressing a digit to switch the nearer phone to two-way mode, simultaneously hanging-up all other phones speakers.

This mode combine the best of the two world, eliminate the noise problems, and keep the communication private as soon as the paged person pressed the right digit on a phone.

It should be possible to implement this mode on Asterisk with a managed conference and a feature map application.